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Matkot (Paddle Bats)

Matkot, Matka in singular, is the Israeli beachside popular sport, where bathers play for fun, in a highly competitive manner, where no winner can ever be declared.

Matkot, created in 2008, is a piece taken from the second act of the choreography Tide. It deals with the incongruence of the beachside elements: the atmosphere of leisure, the indulgence in the warm sand, as opposed to the underlying violence.

Creating a dance out of the popular game of Matkot, Ronit Ziv presents choreographic solutions taken from children's plays, such as Eeny, meeny, miny, moe and hand clapping games. The rhythm sharpens the movement into a guillotine like drop, or a fencing duel.

The pleasant red towel, padding the dancers' rest on the sand, is turned into a weapon in the emerging struggle. As the duet almost reaches a climax, everything calms down, until the next aggravation, guaranteed to arrive.


Video from rehearsals for the Marathon 40 retrospect, where Matkot was showcased (2013)