The Exploration Of Cassandra


In this creation, I have examined the ways in which choreography can be affected by  dramatic text. Working on Aeschylus’ texts during this past year, I was enchanted by Cassandra and tried to find ways to dance “her”. At the same time, I tried to avoid over-interpreting her mental, emotional state her as insane. I was trying to identify where the text and the movement image overlap. The foundation for the dialogue between "CASSANDRA" and the choreography was based on the image vocabulary that characterizes “Agamemnon


Cassandra allow to explore not only personal boundaries, but also the boundaries in the political environment and those of the creator with it's' creation.



Cassandra received rave reviews from both critics and viewers, and I strongly believe that it will be warmly received by your audience as well.
I will be happy to provide any additional material that will be required.



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