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A woman in a black dress is chopping a cabbage at a big white desk.

Heaps of chopped cabbage are piling, as she keeps on chopping.

At the corner, two dancers sit. They are her daughters. Distant from their mother, they engage in a relationship of control games. They are not daring to get closer to their mother, fearing that if they interrupt her repetitive action, things will get out of hand.

They approach the desk and retreat. Mother doesn't even notice. She is all entranced in her cabbage chopping ritual.

At a certain point, the older sister has had it. With a sweep of her arm, she clears the desk of the chopped cabbage.

Now the mother is released and the three are dancing with a fast rhythm. As it ends, the mother approaches the audience and addresses it with a monologue:

"If someone would see me chopping cabbage today, they would have fallen inlove with me. How I chopped the vegetables so finely into thin stripes, thin, thin, thin, thin. If only someone would see.

"Is Shimon Peres here? Shimon, I know him

"In the elections of '93 or '94, there was a gathering and of all the people there, in the elections of '93 or '94, he approached me and said 'young lady, you look very beautiful today' and I told him yes, I am, but I will not vote for you and he left!

"Shimon, it's me, it's me, and now I am close to the plate, I have made a salat!"

Mud was first performed at the Curtains Up festival of 2002 in Tel Aviv (Susan Dellal Center) and later in the Enzimi festival in Rome and in san Gimignano.

Parts of the choreography were displayed in Claremont, UCLA, Scripps College and on other stages.

Music: Yuval Shafrir

Wardrobe: Dalia Lieder

Text: Ravid Davara

Dancers: Carmit Borian, Roni Brendstatter, Ronit Ziv