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Did you plan your class for today?

We`re talking about Contemporary dance, right?

When you present a well - organized curriculum to a group of motivated adults with good dance learning skills, they absorb, digest and assimilate that information much more quickly, and sometimes you don`t even need to be that organized, if your class is filled with excellent learners. But, in many classes the present of the dancers is random, and its become challenging to even understand what is the best class for today.

So, one of being a dance teacher tasks is to decide which elements of contemporary dance you will choose today in the class, as this type of dance is so wide and permissive:

Will it be, a wide range of shapes and dynamics, including a lot of smooth relationship with floor, or that the dance should be enjoyable not suffered (well... the dance that I teach is art and not a sport)

Already overflowed with so many questions, who will come to the class today and how to adapt the class to the type of dancers you have. (amateur, professional, kids, teens, adults )

We all so familiar with the acceptable structure for Dance class:

1/ Relaxing - Concentrating - Visualizing

2/ Warm up

3/ Strengthening

4/ Phrasing

5/ Jumping

6/ Stretching - Relaxing - Cooling down

So, while I was lying on my back, holding a wooden brick between my legs, rolling up and down from lying on the floor to a sitting position I observe that my body become warm and it`s has created an awareness both in my body and in my mind. I have realize that this experience is something that I would want to share with the dancers during the class. At the same time, I remembered that walking in the park was the first activity I have practiced today. A physical activity, that stimulate the lungs and heart system.

All of a sudden, I could figure out what will be the curriculum for the class today. What left is to fix some music and be in an open awernes to the dancers that will come today.

How could I forget my own physical experience?

So important to stay tuned with our own body`s experience, to share our own groove.