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Are you a dancer of habits?

I`m such a music junkie. I`m always trolling spotify for new songs. I love discovering new music and listening to music that inspires me and gets me going. I do it every morning just before my walk in the park (yes, I`m definetly an outdoor person) Listening to music that inspires me and gets me going, is my good habit. My ritual. In doing so, I hope to keep in a constant search for new sounds. As well, I am fuelling my creativity, my mood for the day. Its help me get into a positive headspace...

Every morning, I eat the same, drink 2 cups of water, then coffee, then oatmeal. Sometimes I wonder if it`s good habit or a bad one. Luckily I found an Intreview with Merce Cunningham saying that he used to eat every day the same breakfast. Feeling a relief, I figure out that people who lives in a constatnt tension to be creative need those good habits to keep them going.

So what is it a habit?

Did you know that it takes in average 66 days until a single behaveior turn into a habit?

Sometimes I fear that if I will change a slight different in my morning routine and my day will turn into a mess, and that I will lose control over my own body.

To know the nature of my fear helps me to become fearless.

prefer to choose my habits, my rituals, such as that I always come to the studio before my dancers. I enjoy taking the time, turning the lights on, feeling the ambience of today.

Yes. I do have some bad habits; Emotional eating, spending too much time critic myself, being too much anxious of failure...But hey I diid quit smoking 8 months ago...

Habits are a form a pray. Who cares, but it keeps me safe. Something good happens for me in th work when I keep the habit, The habit to create, the habit to continue find love in the human movement. I thank you for being able to keep my habits, my pray. I know for sure that the creative habit save me.

Make a list. what are your habits?

choose what you want to keep, and what you want to leave behind. For a start choose one that you think it`s time to say goodbye.