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Finding your own voice

Lying on a sofa, at a friends house in Hamburg, outside it`s snowing and I just want to set back a duet, Say it Once not Twice.

Say it once not twice, is a duet for a male and a feamale dancer, up to duration of 30 min, premiered July 2017.

I found a great dancer for the female part, Liron Kichler and she will join Lior Tavori, we planned to rehears with my arrival to Tel Aviv. However I need to build a whole evening program and to find first part for the performance.

What will create a resonance between the first part to the second part, which is the duet.

There bein away from home, from the everyday life, I couldfeel this intimacy between myself and the choreography craft. I have realized that my energy to create and my power is in the question that I ask myself, how can I find the right dancer to my work, and ofcorse dealing with feeling abondened each time that I dancer stop working with me and continue with his/her life.

All of a sudden it was clear for me, that the first part will aim to demonstrate in real time Audition.

I went back and started rehearsal on the duet and at the same time I have invited 10 proffesional dancers to participate in the first part of the evening. we call it Audition. Each time I invite dancers for a 45 minutes of learning a dance phrese infromt of a public. The audience is being guide to write down a paper who is they`re favorite dancer.

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