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The Audition

Which of the dancers would you like to meet for a coffee?

If you were an artistic director of a famous dance company, who would you choose to be the solist?

Which of the dancers learned the movement the fastest

Audition is the first part of a studio shows;

Ronit Ziv- State of Things.

This piece that opens the show is a choreography that touches the boundaries of performance. 10 professional dancers were invited by Ronit to participate. They do not know what they will dance, or what will be required of them. In front of the spectators eyes, for the first time they will learn a combination of 10 boxes of 8 counts. just like in an audition or first rehearsal of a new piece, at the stage when they seek the appropriate dancer.

How a choreographer know that he makes the right decision while choosing the cast for the new piece? how do you know if the choice will be good The audience is being invited during the performance to participate and to answer the questionnaire submitted to him at the beginning of the evening.

The work explores the delicate dynamics that take place in the studio and the relationship between the choreographer and the dancers.