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Being the choreographer, means to watch the work hundrets time, rehearsals, video of the rehearsals and than, the most magical moment, when the audience already found their sits and the dancers start the very first movement of the piece.

The beginning of HAHAHA, keeps some mysterious notion;

We notice in two light naroow lines that cross the stage, the drummer sits, playing to himself, one dancer walk on a perimeter of a square, marking the floor, she walks bravelly to center stage, looking at us, the audience. where does she come from, what does she wants. she is standing there before she will start 50 min. of nonstop dance telling us something about repetition.

Repetition is a guiding motif and maintains a close connection between the mental state of the dancers on stage and the rythmic and choreographic patterns created during the rehearsal process.

The soft and velvety voice of Oprah Winfrey accompanies the show, suggesting us to try to make a change, 'take a U turn':

"I`m Oprah Winfrey and welcome to Super Soul conversation, the podcast. I believe that the most significant present you can give yourself is time, taking time to be more fully present to the world around us, your journey to become more inpired and connected to the world around us, start right now.