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Why did you stop dancing Ballet / taking Ballet class?

"My teacher spoke behind my back."

and she continue,

"Ballet was my life. It was my joy, my therapy, my first love. I trained quite intensively throughout my childhood. I started going for classes twice a week when I was 7, and eventually led to me starting pointe work at 11 and training around 4 sometimes 5 times a week at around 12.

(But you need to do everything in moderation, or you will start to find training tedious, as I did.)

I still loved Ballet, but I was getting very tired. I live in a very academically focused family, and lots of pressure was placed on me to score well. I was completely drained from my studies, and after a long day of school, I still had to head to the studio. so, I was both mentally and physically exhausted, and it was not very healthy fo a 14 years old.

One day, I was unable to attend a class because I was quite sick. My friend told me the next day, that my teacher was telling the class about how bad my attitude and that because of my absent I will not pass the RAD exam.

I was completely shocked. confused and hurt. After I got well, I came to participate at the RAD exam, recieved the higher score (Honor) and quit.

I`ve regretted stopping a few months after that. I have considered going back, and my friends from the studio urged me as well. However, we all knew that was impossible as firstly, once you stop training ballet, your skills immediately deteriorate and your strength is lost. It`s so difficult to even catch up after missing one class, I had no chance of keeping up after missing one class. Once I stopped dancing at the studio there was no going back."

why did you stop taking Ballet class?